Mindful Monday: At water’s edge with Isabelle

Being mindful of the last night days of summer, we have been having family picnics near the water several times a week. After eating we explore the beach or park. This was lovely evening at Kin Beach. Photograph by my husband.

At water's edge


Mindful Monday: Spring Flowers


On Sunday I really wanted to attend yoga class as I haven’t been in ages. I was dressed and ready to go but one forward fold in my kitchen proved that I’m still too stuffy headed for ujjayi breathing. I had to switch gears. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day so I went for a walk down to the waterfront – by myself !!! – while my husband stayed home with babykins.

I took this photo on beautiful Beaufort Avenue. It is not very often that I process a photo beyond trying to achieve what I saw with my eye. As I was editing this in Snapseed, I got the idea to make it look a bit magical, like it was nighttime. My recent explorations in printmaking have made me very fond of textured skies.

Mindful Monday: A little humour

I was going to post a nice picture of a pink camellia blooming but my husband thought I should post this one instead – finding humour on a hard day is its own kind of mindfulness.

For more than a week both babykins and I have been sick. My husband was out of town for work and the days and nights felt loooong! Baby and I were in the living room where I’d set up pillows and stuffed animals all over the floor so that I could lay down and she could have a little rumpus. I started tossing her pink kitty [my favourite Gund from when I was a child – I saved up a whole $17 to buy it!] in the air….higher and higher, until it disappeared. Huh? We looked at each other and then around the room. You know your party has gotten too wild when….

Kitty Lamp

Mindful Monday #14: NW Feather Gelli Monotype

When I started Mindful Mondays I was hardly doing any artwork. Taking a photo once a week seemed like a good place to commence. Since January, I’ve taken two art courses online and have produced more artwork in recent weeks than in the past two years! I’m really into printmaking with my Gelli plate, mixed media, collage and drawing right now. So I’m expanding my Mindful Mondays to include any kind of art I’m inspired to create each week.

I created this today using a Gelli plate, acrylic paints, pencil crayons, pencil and permanent marker. “NW” represents both North West and my own initials.