Mindful Monday: Feather Collage


This is a photograph of a collage that I made this past week while on a sailing trip. I found the feathers on a walk onshore in Desolation Sound. On a sketchbook page that I had primed with gesso before the trip, I added some watercolour paint and then taped down the two feathers. I worked on the photo in Snapseed and 100 Cameras to achieve a peaceful and dreamy feeling of an etching. The colours remind me of the sailing charts we were using and I love the movement of the feathers.


Mindful Monday #14: NW Feather Gelli Monotype

When I started Mindful Mondays I was hardly doing any artwork. Taking a photo once a week seemed like a good place to commence. Since January, I’ve taken two art courses online and have produced more artwork in recent weeks than in the past two years! I’m really into printmaking with my Gelli plate, mixed media, collage and drawing right now. So I’m expanding my Mindful Mondays to include any kind of art I’m inspired to create each week.

I created this today using a Gelli plate, acrylic paints, pencil crayons, pencil and permanent marker. “NW” represents both North West and my own initials.