Femina Criatura: Sketchbook Exchange Delivered!

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Cover: Book Five Cover: Book Five

Dear Friends,

I got mad, as I described in my previous posts When I read the MOMA stat about the number of female artists in MOMA. I was infuriated that my naked body would be good enough for the walls of the MOMA but the my art, primarily based on my gender was not likely to be. As I thought more about it I came to the conclusion that anger wasn’t my best laid plan.

Instead I have turned to creativity and Femina Criatura’s sketchbook exchange is off and running! Most of my handmade books, as seen in the photos in this blog, have been delivered. We are in our first round where we are just focusing on backgrounds that we will send to the next artist. December will be the round we start to add imagery and January we complete the books. Each artist gets to…

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