Mountain Trails Painting for Debbie


Debbie Landscape

Two weeks ago I blogged about a tiny art piece that I made for my friend Kiyoko.  This sweet little painting is one I created at the same time for my friend Debbie. You’ll notice the similar colour palette in both works. Debbie is a runner, mountain biker, swimmer, mountain race adventurer and mother. [She is also an awesome chiropractor who keeps my body moving!] She is inspirational to me because she is strong and she sets amazing goals for herself. After her daughter was born she worked hard to regain her endurance and strength and was out racing again in no time. It seems like every time I talk to her she is preparing for a new adventure like Snow to Surf, Kusam Klimb, Perseverance Trail Race or Mud, Run, Ride. You might even find her sporting a costume made my Kiyoko when they team up to race!

To me, the deep purple and rich green in this piece are “Debbie colours”. I put the rain pouring down on the mountain as a reference to a recent mountain bike race she did on Vancouver’s North Shore. The three circles represent her, her husband and her daughter. I was pleased when Debbie opened this birthday painting because she said something along the lines that it almost meant as much to her that I made time to make art for her as it did to be receiving a work of art. She knows that my days are busy with my babykins! I love creating special art pieces for people; I hope that when they view the art work in their home it reminds them of their adventures.





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