Mindful Monday: Baby’s Driftwood Mobile

Driftwood Mobile for Baby from Nicole Warrington on Vimeo.

Last Friday I wrote the following for today’s Mindful Monday…

When baby wakes from her nap she is either happy and ready to play or crying hard. Today there were big tears and loud cries; she seemed inconsolable even after I picked her up. I usually take her out of her room right away but today I sat in my glider chair with her in my lap. She was crying and squirming when suddenly she caught sight of the driftwood mobile I made for her when I was pregnant. I gave it a spin and she settled down, watching it spin. She often looks at it after nursing, but this time I held her head and she gazed intently. I stroked her flushed cheeks and chin and we cuddled together for much longer than this wiggly 10 month old ever sits still. It was a beautiful few minutes and I felt particularly mindful. If I had rushed to change her diaper or moved her to toys in the living room, we would have missed this. I am grateful I slowed myself down and recognized her need to ‘just be’ for a few minutes.


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