Contour Drawing Toys – Inspired by Carla Sonheim’s Drawing Lab

An Art Practice Perfect for a Mama


Mama’s don’t have heaps of time to draw and paint. We have to work hard to carve out our creative time. Since Isabelle was born, I’ve been inspired by the colours and shapes of her toys and clothes [not to mention my joyful baby!]. They have brought a vibrancy to our living room. In recent weeks I’d been thinking about drawing them but hadn’t made time for it.

This weekend I picked up Carla Sonheim’s book, Drawing Lab for Mixed-Media Artists, from the library. I took an online printmaking class with Carla last month and it was fabulous, so I was excited to find inspiration in this book. When I flipped through and saw Lesson 25, “Contouring Toys”, I was reminded to start sketching those stuffies!

I used a Staedtler Mars Graphic 3000 Pen in a taupe colour as well as my favourite Pigma Micron pen.




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