My First Gelli Plate Monotype

I’m so excited to explore printmaking again! I took traditional printmaking for two years when I was in Studio Arts at Capilano College. I loved the look of prints – the colours and textures – but found the process fairly toxic and slow. I preferred the immediacy of painting. The end of my college program was the end of my printmaking. Until…

I discovered the Gelli Plate!!!

Okay, this product has been around for several years but somehow I only stumbled across it recently. I was delighted to receive a Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plate for Christmas from my Dad (Thanks Dad!). Working with this plate to create monotypes combines what I love about printmaking with what I love about painting; rich colours, unexpected mark making and effects, layering possibilities and quick drying media. All you need is a Gelli Plate, brayer, acrylic paint [I prefer using Golden Fluid Acrylics] and paper. No acid, no stinky inks, and no giant press!


My first print was pulled quickly, while baby was napping. I drew the island and details in with a Fine Line Sharpie later on that evening. These days I have to really work to grab moments for art making.

The possibilities with this printing process are endless; stamping, layering, collaging, fabric printing, stencilling, mixed media, journaling. Try a Pinterest search and you’ll find oodles of examples and tutorials. If I have time at the end of the month, I’d like to take artist Carla Sonheim’s Gelli Plate Printmaking Class.


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