Mindful Monday #1: Leaf and Ravens

Welcome to my very first Mindful Monday! My goal is to tale and post one picture a week as one element of my mindfulness practice. When I was in my Teacher Education program at UBC, I did an arts-based personal research project on the use of photography as an act of mindfulness. You can see the video and read more about it HERE. I’ve been inspired to revisit this project.

Motherhood has been beautiful, busy and challenging. At this time, baby is only 6 months old. I’ve been feeling very creative, however, finding time to get into my studio and paint is challenging. Renewing this project is a way to practice mindfulness and creativity on a regular basis.

This photo is of a leaf I found while out walking with baby. I couldn’t photograph it until I got home, so I took the opportunity to set it against my Raven sculpture (a wedding gift from my husband) by Vancouver Island Artist, Jack Willoughby.




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