Baynes Sound Acrylic Painting

baynes-soundThis little painting was inspired by several of my morning commutes along the Old Island Highway on Vancouver Island. When I drive to teach on call at Bowser Elementary School, I’m often treated to beautiful sunrises in Baynes Sound, just south of Comox Valley. I love the sun peeking through the stormy skies of Qualicum. The pink, orange and purple skies of the early morning are often gone by recess as the rainstorms and clouds roll in.

I finished this little acrylic painting this weekend. I’m so pleased to have resolved it! I started it before Christmas and then left it to sit on a shelf in my studio because I couldn’t quite figure out the sky….first it was too orange, then too blue, then too plain! I was pleased with the water and estuary in the lower portion but looking at the sky was driving me nuts. Sometimes I reach this point in painting where I’m afraid to do anything to the painting because I might wreck the good portion. I’m sure I’m not the only artist who feels this way. Finally I decided to darken the sky with a blue glaze to accentuate the texture of the horizontal scratch marks that I originally created with Golden Light Modelling Paste. Then I gently brushed in the clouds and added some white highlights to the water.


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