Warming Up

Right before we moved into our new home, I prepped a number of canvases using thick mediums or handmade paper. I was exploring warm colours for the underpainting and had only just got a few layers or marks down when I had to box up my studio for the move. I’m delighted to be unpacked and using an old kitchen in our basement as a studio. Finally – no carpets to worry about spilling on!!!

This is the first of the new landscapes. I’d like to continue painting abstracted landscapes and oceanscapes, using similar techniques. I seem to be challenged by deciding whether to paint ‘thickly’ or ‘thinly’. One minute I’m loading the brush with a great glob of thick paint and the next I’m using my water spray bottle and scrubbing down to the layer below. After wrestling with this for a while I decided that maybe it isn’t and either or sort of thing after all. Here is the progression of today’s painting.


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