Watercolour Zentangle Card

Like so many good ideas, I got really excited about the Zentangle drawing process and in a flurry of inspiration I created a number of drawings in my sketchbook. Then I promptly got busy with other things [teaching, running, buying a house, moving, entertaining family – LIFE!] and I stopped art making, forgetting all about the original good idea. I often feel disappointed in myself when I realize that this has happened. I feel like the initial inspiration and exploration were all for not, even though I created a the Mountain Zentangle piece that I framed and presented to my brother for his birthday.

This is truly not the case though; good ideas have a way of resurfacing when the time and purpose suit the idea. After our move, we were very fortunate to receive a number of household items from by best friend’s parents. The card is one I made to thank them and to remind them of the West Coast as they are moving back East to Ontario.

I only used pencil to sketch the circular outline of this piece. The rest was created with pen and watercolour. I like the commitment of ‘no erasing’ that this style demands. It definitely keeps me focussed and in the moment – Zen!


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