Layering mixed media in landscape

Please click on the image to see a larger image with better clarity and detail.

My aim with this painting was to play with textures to create a simple landscape composition that would be rich in layers. This is another in my ‘liberation’ series where I’m painting over old paintings. This landscape started with some acrylic grounds that were already on this 12 x 12″ wood panel. Wood panels are great because you can really layer them and you don’t have to be gentle with them; sanding, scraping, collaging – they can handle it! The wispy lines in the sky and horizon of the painting were created with a handmade paper that featured long strands of fibre. I adhered the paper with a very thick coat of acrylic medium that took ages to dry, even with the help of my trusty hairdryer. The rougher parts in the lower half of the composition were created with an acrylic medium that performs like plaster but unlike plaster it doesn’t chip if you look at the wrong way. Again I was playing with warm, bold colours as a base, and using both additive and subtractive (scraping) techniques. I’m quite pleased with the results but it makes me long for larger work surfaces.


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  1. You can hope in a different world thanks to this landscape. Great job! I like the idea of “recover”, “painting over old painting”. It means that they were not completed and they always won’t be!

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