Sketchbook Project

It is fall and I’m settling back into a new schedule. I was reading about a truly inspiring project in the UK called Sketchbooks in Schools:Using sketchbooks to inspire, motivate and engage. Immediately after reading all about the project on their website, I wanted to start making sketchbooks. If I had my own class in a school, we’d be launching a sketchbook project the next day. Since I’m a teacher on call, I will have to wait for that opportunity. So I went about collecting and spreading a stack of paper, ribbons, maps, craft punches, pens and rubber stamps on the floor next to my sewing machine. I spent the next hour or two cutting, sewing and arranging a journal for friend. It was the most artistic fun I’d had in quite some time. [Photos to come after the gift is presented]. So what about a sketchbook for me?

I haven’t worked in a sketchbook regularly since art school. Read: years and years! Occasionally I write down and idea or paste a fragment or photo that I find inspiring into a small book. For the most part I work on pieces that I will hopefully finish and sell, keep or give to someone. In retrospect I have been putting a tremendous amount of pressure on myself to always be starting with this “finished project” goal in mind. Time to embrace the messy world of the sketchbook again! Mostly inspired by the Sketchbooks in Schools and partially inspired by the Screw Work Let’s Play  30 day challenge [check it out – it is pretty inspiring], I decided that I should aim to work in the sketchbook or in some other creative capacity every day. Below are the initial results.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you’d like to make your own sketchbook, check out the videos below. Happy sketchbooking!


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