Sunshine-y Studio

Finally, a nice bright sunshine-y day in my studio! Prior to today it has been so dark and dismal that I hadn’t been painting even though I’ve set up my easel near the beautiful bay window. I have had this huge easel since college but I haven’t had room to set it up in the last few years. It is lovely to have it out again. I broke my paint pots in the move to the island, so my paints are now scattered across the desk instead of grouped by colour. I need to remedy this disorganization before painting again.

Today I am working on an abstract painting that is inspired by a watercolour that I painted earlier this year. I’m working on using thicker paint and more deliberate shapes in combination with blending. You can see that I sometimes keep track of colours on a sticknote. With this painting I was thinking of beaches, dunes and estuaries….a hybrid of Comox harbour and the Oregon Coast. There are aspects of the painting that I’m pleased with, such as the colours, however I will have to revisit another day. When trying new techniques it is best to give the painting a little breathing room.

Since I wasn’t ready to pack up my paints for the day, I continued with another little landscape. I thought it was going to be a beach but it seems the sunshine inspired golden fields instead.


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