Comox Harbour

Recently I’ve been lucky enough to spend a good deal of time outdoors exploring the landscape of my new home, the Comox Valley. Ideas for a new painting series are brewing but I have yet to put brush to canvas. While I let those ideas percolate I have started doing photography again. The last time I invested time in a photography project was almost two years ago when I created a slideshow/movie on mindfulness.

When the sun peaked out one afternoon this week I grabbed my camera and walked down to a beach in Comox Harbour. Like many projects I start I dive in with a general idea knowing a theme will emerge. On this day I was thinking about texture, movement and balance. With this shot in particular I was remember last August; I accompanied my husband on his week long photography workshop with Sam Abell at the Pacific Northwest Art School on Whidbey Island, WA. Richard’s project focused on the island’s edges where the ocean met the land and a sense of impermanence. Though I did not attend the workshop, I spent a good deal of the week shooting with Richard and discussing ideas from the workshop. Abell encourages photographers to think carefully about the spaces between the elements of the composition and the tension created. This is something I am familiar with in paintings too, and was what I was thinking of as I knelt in the grass and snow.


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