A Little Spring Before Winter

Here it is November and I’m posting a springtime painting. This painting is one that I started several years ago; I painted the bird but the background wasn’t working. This sat in my studio closet for a long time.

Then one day I got thinking that my friend, who my husband and I go bird watching with, would love this painting because he always remarks on the red winged blackbirds when we are at Maplewood Flats or Reifel bird sanctuary. With an intended recipient in mind, I had fresh inspiration and motivation to finish it. I am used to using acrylic paints in a more watery, layered manner so I was challenged to paint the leaves with more direct brushstrokes yet still achieve the abstract look that I wanted. I finally completed the painting to my satisfaction in early 2010 but it took me until last night to get it to my friend. Though it was long overdue, he was appreciative!



  1. What a pleasure to look at your paintings Nicole. The blackbird painting is so colourful. I love the way the bird image is so sharp but the tree branches are more blurred(if that’s the right word). Glad you are enjoying all the experiences of your new home. We just put up our bird feeder yesterday and have had a flicker, a downy woodpecker, several juncos and a flock of chickadees visit.

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