Freshly Pressed

Today's Palette

Today I decided that I was loooong overdue to try out some new colours. Truthfully, they aren’t new colours, or even new-to-me colours; they are neglected colours that have been sitting, unopened in my paint pots. I stepped away from my old friend, phthalo blue, to my new friend dioxazine violet. Admittedly, purple is not a huge departure from blue, but this little landscape is distinct from my typical palette. Dioxazine violet is very, very purple, so I tamed it with complimentary naples yellow deep and yellow ochre (and okay, if you look closely – there is a little dab of phthalo blue on my palette too). In recent years I have been using acrylics in watercolour manner or with loads of glazes, so the thicker paint handling is a technique that I haven’t used in a while. I’m quite pleased with my little dreamed up landscape. What are your thoughts???

Dioxazine Landscape


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